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About You

Do you wake up Monday, wondering if you'll make it to Friday?


Do your friends have their lives figured out, but you still have no idea what you want to do? 

I help professionals discover what they need to be happy in their career.


You're not sure where you fit in your current company. You don't think you'll ever find anything you're passionate about. You're stuck in a job you hate and want to switch careers. You're so overwhelmed at work that you don't want to do anything.

If this is you, I can help.


About Me

Hi, I'm Shirley. 

I like ice cream...a lot. And sushi. And gin and tonic. But not necessarily in that order.


I'm a career mentor. I help professionals figure out what you need to be happy and show you step by step how to get there.


I know what it’s like to be trapped in a job that makes you miserable. I remember complaining to my friends every day because I felt like the work was so meaningless.

When I first graduated from college, I got a job in Finance because that’s what a lot of people from my major did.

I was so excited to finally be earning money. People kept telling me what a great choice I’d made - opportunity for career growth at a stable company.

But when the newness of the job wore off, everything just sucked. 


I showed up Monday, wishing it were Friday. When Friday finally came, it killed me to think there were only 2 days until Monday.


And people loved giving me career advice:

  • Just stick with it. It looks bad if you jump around.

  • It’s better to have a job you hate than quit and have no job.

  • Nobody loves their job. Just find something fun to do outside of work.


But I wanted to be happy.

So I did what anybody with a soul sucking job would do:

  • Updated my resume.

  • Applied for a 1000 jobs.

  • Prayed someone would call me for an interview.


I eventually found something else but it wasn't long before I was right where I started...miserable. I bounced from job to job for years trying to find something that made me happy. 


When I was 25, I left a startup because everyone told me I needed "stability". They said I had to buy a house and save for retirement.


The startup went IPO within a year and was acquired not long after that. 

And the stable company I went to? They laid off 8000 people that same year.

When I was 30, I worked for a manager that yelled at me for automating an unnecessarily long and manual task. "Who told you to change it? Just do what you're told", she scolded. I ended up getting fired because I couldn't follow orders mindlessly like a lemming.


I had always been a top performer. I felt like such a failure.

Fortunately, getting fired isn't career-ending like everyone warned. I even got a 30% increase in salary!

But it took me years to realize that I was unhappy because I kept taking other people's advice without knowing what's important to me.


Once I got clear on what I needed to be happy in my career - freedom to make decisions, opportunity to learn, ability to make an impact, I started choosing jobs that were right for me. 

I'll help you figure out what matters most to you so you can find career happiness.



What's getting in the way of having what you want? I'd love to hear from you.

Rave Reviews

Allyson, Manager

I knew there had to be a better path for me, I just didn’t know how to get there on my own.


I didn't realize that I don't have to just accept what is offered or available, I can identify what I want out of my career and strive towards that.


With Shirley’s help I was able to visualize what was important to me. She helped me identify what I want out of my career and begin making decisions toward achieving that. 


I have also been offered a new position more appropriately aligned with my career goals as a result of the coaching!

Alice, Project Manager

I went from a startup to a large company and wasn't prepared for how different the culture would be. I worked with Shirley because of her experience at both corporate and startup environments.


Role-playing and talking through some of the challenges I was facing in the new job really helped me gain confidence. I would definitely recommend Shirley.

Amy, Manager

Shirley encouraged me to find out what's important to me, and not back down. I was able to negotiate a flexible in office schedule with hours that are good for me and work the rest of the week from home, so it's great!